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The Breastfeeding Diaries

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I absolutely loved this read “Why is my baby breastfeeding AGAIN? 75 reasons your baby needs to feed (besides hunger)” This was such a sweet, funny and encouraging read for all mummies who are breastfeeding their bubs.

My personal favourites, from the list:

5) It’s night and I can’t see you, so I need to touch and smell and taste you.

69) Morning snuggles are the best!

Nyaw! Both points help with the chronic sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn. If anyone reading this has any pointers on gentle sleep training, please share! I’ve heard wonderful things about Tresilian, but alas, I’m living in KL and don’t have access to their sleep residency (?) program. They offer online chats though, from 5-11 pm Sydney time! So cool.

I still remember the haze of those early newborn days and weeks. Myer ‘organic’ maternity camisoles are the best. Thanks, Khad ❤ Having a lot of milk-boosting oats (yum) and fenugreek tea (not so yum) really helped me establish a good milk supply, alongside feeding on demand. A little discomfort is normal at first, but breastfeeding isn’t meant to hurt. Get the help of a lactation consultant if you need to – I know I was texting my mummy friends and the wonderful Nadine Ghows (“Is this NORMAL? She’s feeding every 2 hours!!”).

It’s so different breastfeeding my baby girl now she’s 4 months! She’s a champion roller and super distractible. Our nursing conversations sound something like this:

“Taskeen, that’s just the dogs outside. Oh that’s thunder. Don’t worry, you’re safe with mummy. Wow, yes, that’s the sound of the rain! It’s OK. Just drink. Haha. Such a cute smile you’re giving mummy!* OK go back to drinking. Please drink sayang, or you’ll get hungry soon. Haha. Still smiling at me. Funny baby.”

* I sound like Yoda lol

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