Ramadan – my poem on The Elephant Journal

IMG-20140628-WA0010I’m thrilled to share that Elephant Journal has published my poem, Ramadan. I wrote it as a way to pay tribute to the blessed month, and to honour the heartache in Gaza and Malaysia.

We’re living in a world that is splintering at the edges. May our next Ramadan bring better tidings.

Calligraphy source: Subhi Bora. Find her at @saafara_ on Instagram

‘Your Village’, a poem by Elana Bell #palestine

In the light of recent events, I’d like to share a beautiful and heart-wrenching poem by Elana Bell. Please click here to listen to and read her poem, Your Village.

In these last ten days of Ramadan, I pray that Allah eases the suffering of the oppressed in Palestine, Burma, and elsewhere around the world. My heart also goes out to the families of the passengers on MH370 and MH17.

It’s been a heartbreaking Ramadan, and all the more reason to turn to the Healer of hearts:

And when My servants ask you, (O Muhammad), concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me (by obedience) and believe in Me that they may be (rightly) guided. [Qur’an 2:186]