Raidah Shah Idil  is a detective fiction, young adult, fantasy/sci-fi, classics and poetry enthusiast. She was born in Singapore and migrated to Sydney, Australia, at the age of 12. She graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2005 with a BSc (Psychology) and BA (English). Alongside her studies, she worked as a volunteer hospital chaplain for 5 years, at the Prince of Wales Hospital and the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Raidah lived in Amman, Jordan from 2009-2011 and studied the Islamic sciences, worked as a marketing copywriter and travelled around the Middle East. She returned to Sydney at the cusp of the Arab spring. Shortly after, she got married to her best friend. In the spirit of returning to her roots, they migrated to Malaysia in early 2014. Since then, Raidah has completed a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) through Murujan, a counselling diploma through AIPC and worked as a creative instructor at Axiom Learning. Most significantly, Raidah has given birth to two strong little girls – Taskeen Yusra (June 2015) and Husna Aminah (January 2018).

Her work has been published in SISTERS magazine, The Feminist Wire, Daily Life, Lip Mag, The Elephant Journal, Venture Beat and MuslimVillage. Her novel, Finding Jamilah & The Story of Yusuf was published by MyLegacy Publications in early 2014. Her poetry has been published in the “Armed With Only Our Souls” anthology by New York Poet, Caits Meissner. Her poetry was featured in the 2014 Australian Muslim Artists exhibition at the Islamic Museum of Australia. Her recent publications include her short story ‘Datuk’, featured in the short story anthology, Bitter Roots, Sweet Fruits. Her poetry has recently been published in Rumi Center’s Opening the Eye of the Heart Anthology II taught by Baraka Blue.

Raidah’s current projects include raising her two young daughters, and writing despite hilarious exhaustion. She is a counsellor for the SeekersHub Q&A service and reads whenever she can. She has a deep interest in holistic health, especially TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and practises Pilates and mindfulness meditation. She is an ardent fan of Katy Bowman’s work on nutritious movement, and tries her best to apply Peaceful Parenting practises to her every day life. Raidah lives with her husband, daughters and mother-in-law in a green, leafy suburb in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. One day, she hopes to live on a farm. You can drop her an email here.

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