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My First Gamer Article, Front-Page Featured on Bitmob!


Great news! I wrote my first gamer article on Bitmob, and it got featured on the front page!

I’m so thrilled! Thank you, Layton Shumway, for featuring my article 🙂 That gives me a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling that hey, I do belong somewhere in the gaming world. And, of course, it gives me a great incentive to keep gaming and writing about it lol. What XBox/Playstation/Wii games are you playing right now?


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Being a video game journalist

While I was searching for more writing/editing projects on, a thought occurred to me – what’s it like being a video game journalist? Imagine being paid to play and write about video games! Inspired by the thought, I did a quick google search and came across this handy article – How To Become A Video Game Journalist.

The article makes the good point that to be a video game journalist, you still have to be a good writer. This gives me hope. I’m writing almost every day, whether it be opinion pieces, fiction, or my blog, and I’m a firm believer in Malcolm Gladwell’s ten thousand hour rule. To achieve mastery in anything, you you to put in ten thousand hours of practice.

From what I’ve read, Bitmob sounds like a great place to start writing about video games. They have this great series: The Skyrim Collection. I’ve only just gotten back into playing Skyrim after almost a year away, so I’m planning to write and pitch a Skyrim article to the Bitmob crew. Stay tuned!

A bit about my gaming: I use the XBox 360, and am currently playing Skyrim, the latest in the Elder Scroll series. In my previous games, I had bought a house in Whiterun, at least two horses (my previous one leapt to its death over some jagged cliff – this made me sad), I was the Harbinger of the Companions (oh, and also a werewolf). What’s not to love?

Fun fact: The peak of my Skyrim experience happened in the lead-up to my wedding, early this year. There’s nothing like taking down fire-breathing dragons when it comes to reducing wedding planning stress.

Another fun fact: My husband isn’t a gamer. But I’m sure he’ll be more partial to my video games once I start getting paid to write about it. lol.