My editorial, counselling and sensitivity reader services are available!


I LOVE WORDS. Give me your words and I will help you take them to the next level. My passion lies in both fiction and non-fiction. If your dream is to land a literary agent, I will do my best to polish your manuscript and strengthen your submission package. I aim to provide actionable feedback with both honesty and compassion. Your work is safe with me. Slots are very limited so please get your name down on my waitlist.

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Are you an unagented author who wants actionable feedback on your query package and/or agent list? Are you stuck on an idea and want to brainstorm your latest WIP ideas with me? I would love to hear from you! Schedule a 30 minute call with me for $50.

If your mental health is taking a hit from the Worst Querying Time ever, please schedule a 60 minute counselling session with me for $150. I’m a counsellor and an agented author who GETS IT. Publishing is brutal. Let me support you through it.

Sensitivity Reader

If you’re interested in writing a Muslim character, PLEASE talk to me! Good representation matters e.g. authentic hijabi and non-hijabi rep, nuanced male Muslim characters and staying VERY far away from toxic tropes. Thank you for your doing your part in ending the cycle of Islamaphobia that harms real-life Muslims like me.

I also offer sensitivity reading for the following intersections/identities: neurodivergence, autistic, ADHD, bipolar, anxiety, depression, diaspora, migration, Malay, Muslim, racism (including internalized racism, institutional racism, microaggressions and colonialism) divorce, child of divorce, interracial relationship/marriage, pregnancy, childbirth (home birth and hospital), hypnobirthing, birth trauma, postpartum recovery, motherhood, mothering with an invisible disability, pelvic pain, mothering small children.

RATES: $0.006/word e.g. The rate for a 60,000 word novel is $360. (Note: discounts available for marginalized authors)


Query and Synopsis Package

Hook agent interest with a strong query letter that jumps out of their slush pile!

Query only: $30 for a line by line edit for your query letter, focusing on voice, stakes and overall tone.

Synopsis only: $50 for a line by line edit of your 1-2 page synopsis, focusing on voice, plot, characters and overall tone.

NOTE: This package does NOT include reading your manuscript.

Opening Chapters Package

Entice your dream agents into requesting your full manuscript.

Chapter one (up to 10 pages only): $70 for a line by line edit of your opening chapter, focusing on voice, characters, pacing, plot and overall tone.

First three chapters (up to 30 pages only): $150 for a line by line edit of your first three chapters focusing on voice, characters, pacing, plot and overall tone.

NOTE: Your pages need to be written in Times New Roman font and double-spaced.

Full Manuscript Critique

Did you get a full manuscript request? AWESOME! Now take that agent’s breath away with unforgettable characters and shocking plot twists.

$0.006/word: I will offer you a thorough editorial report (maximum 5 pages) of your full manuscript, focusing on voice, plot, pacing, character development and overall tone. The rate for a novel of 70,000 words is $420.

NOTE: This does not include grammatical checks.

Copyediting Package

If you’re a self-published author, I can help you polish your manuscript before you launch your book into the world. Say goodbye to typos! If you’re keen to be traditionally published, then this is also for you – your polished manuscript will shine and stand out of agent slush piles.

$0.01/word: I’ll dive into your manuscript, line by line, honing in on grammatical mistakes, awkward sentence structure and inconsistences. The rate for a novel of 60,000 words is $600.


Raidah’s review of my submission packet was thorough, professional, and so very helpful. She is a master of her craft and helped me polish my words so they shine — in fact, having incorporated her edits and suggestions, I’m currently experiencing a high number of requests (4 fulls and 2 partials with fewer than 30 queries sent so far) and I feel confident in my query, synopsis, and manuscript. Additionally, she pointed out a racial misstep I had made and provided information on why it was problematic. I am SO GLAD she told me so I could change that in my book and not contribute to harmful and dangerous stereotypes. I would trust her fully as a sensitivity reader.

Jennifer Dupuis, adult romance author

Raidah took a solid and comprehensive look at my query letter and first chapter, making suggestions that effectively strengthened my premise and narrative flow. She was incredibly kind and respectful in the way she offered her critique, pointing out both what I did right and what I could sharpen to bring my pages to their full potential. I’d definitely recommend Raidah’s eye for authors who just need a fresh look and a good polish before setting off into the querying sea!

Agnes Monod-Gayraud, MG author

“I had an excellent experience with Raidah. Her notes were encouraging and positive with concise, helpful notes on structure and formatting. Thanks to her, I felt confident in beginning my querying journey.”

Lindo Forbes, adult romance author

Raidah’s feedback was kind, detailed, and actionable. She even provided a few resources to learn more – something that was so helpful for a beginner like myself. She was so positive about my work and pointed out specific areas to focus on to really make it shine. She was the first one to point out that my “voice” (something that is difficult to nail down, even for seasoned writers!) needed some tweaking to make it more MG (it was reading a little YA at first), and later I had the same comment from a professional editor. I am so grateful that I received her feedback early on, as it made the rest of my revisions smoother.

Jeanette Choe, MG author

Raidah’s suggestions with my submission not only gave me the confidence to move forward with the story, but it also left me with important questions that I needed to ask myself to make the first chapter tighter. Raidah has excellent insight into what would make your first chapter page-turner and get people to read more. Query and synopsis are the crux of a story and her supportive and constructive suggestion in for the query letter also helped me figure out a plot hole in my story.

Sanyukta Thakare, YA author

Raidah was prompt and knowledgeable in her feedback on my submission packet. As an experienced writer, she knows what it takes to write a query and synopsis that will capture an agent’s attention. Her feedback was both helpful and encouraging, and she is someone who has a keen eye for details. I highly recommend Raidah if you are looking for professional guidance on having a submission-ready packet to query agents!

Miriam Spitzer, MG fantasy author

Raidah’s critique of my submission package was invaluable. And inspirational. Her help went beyond the text of the documents. She caught a technical error in my synopsis, her feedback uplifted my query letter, and she illuminated my need to rewrite opening chapters. Raidah could have made cursory comments and sent me on my way, instead she was encouraging and generous with her knowledge and time. Raidah has an ability to see the big picture, while simultaneously capturing important details without getting lost in the weeds. I recommend Raidah and hope to work with her again on future projects.

Renée C. Paradis, YA novelist

Raidah is extremely encouraging and very positive! Her feedback is a breath of fresh air amidst all the rejections.

Z L, SFF author

I had a fantastic experience with Raidah’s sensitivity reader services! She read the manuscript (twice!) within my requested reading period, made notes as she went along, and sent me a full write-up when she was finished. I really appreciate that she not only called out the terms I was using that carried significance I wasn’t aware of, but also offered suggestions for replacing them. She also commented on examples of representation she felt were done well. While it’s important as a writer to know where you can do better, it’s also helpful to know what you’re doing right! I would definitely recommend Raidah’s services to anyone looking for a skilled and thoughtful Muslim sensitivity reader.

Hana Lee, adult SFF author