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Review of New Year’s Biking Adventure


I’m happy to report that Irfan and I had our first cycling adventure in the morning!

We left at about 9:30 am and there were barely any cars on the quieter roads. I’ve never cycled on the roads before, and I prefer easing my way into riding. Cycling on the quiet roads was a great confidence booster – and then I encountered my first uphill climb. OH MY QUADS.

That was a great way to figure out how to use the 6-speed Shimano gears.I was clicking frantically down to the lower gears when struggling uphill, and clicking back up to the higher gears when whizzing downhill. Am I glad my bike has great front and and back brakes. I actually flew off my seat when I jammed my front brake too hard. lol.

After the quiet roads, we rode down the cycle paths along the Pacific Highway and went up 2.2 km up to Artamon. We sat down in one of the parks in Artamon to cool off before we cycled back to Lane Cove. A  cyclist whizzed by, looked at my bike, then smiled at me. Hee! I guess she liked my bike. It’s so cool to now be part of a cycling community, and I’m looking forward to attending events like Try2Wheels 🙂 Free bike servicing, woo!

Overall, I’m really happy with the 5 km that I cycled today. There’s a freedom and independence to cycling that I’m really enjoying. I recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy workout, and an alternative way of travelling. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to cycle longer distances over time.

For the cycling enthusiasts out there, thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 I’d love to hear from you.

On another note, I’ve realised the importance of stretching after (not before!) my bike ride. I made sure to do some stretches when I got home, to help loosen up the muscles of my legs, lower back and shoulders.

On a writing note, I’m working on designing my book cover with my publisher. Stay tuned!




I bought a ladies vintage bike!


I bought this gorgeous mint bike from the Reid Cycles today! (Well, technically the baskets were sold out so I’m picking that up in Feb lol) I’m loving the comfortable bike seat and handles, and of course, the overall look of it. All I need is a summer dress, a straw hat, a few novels in my bike basket, and I’m set!

Irfan and I have been checking out different bike stores before I decided on my mint one. Aside from it being love at first sight, Reid Cycles has great customer service. In the other stores that we visited, none of the salespeople approached either of us. FAIL. The prices were pretty steep too, for that kind of non-existent customer service. In contrast, once I stepped into the store, the friendly salesperson came up to me to ask what kind of bike I was looking for. He made the interesting point that since I only intend to ride on smooth cycle paths and roads, there’s no need for me to have suspension. The 6-speed gears would really help me though.

I highly recommend Reid Cycles for anyone looking to buy a bike that suits you. You’ll get an awesome selection of bikes, fantastic service, and a great package of accessories when you do get a bike. Plus – 12 months of free bike servicing! How awesome is that?

Our New Year’s Day plan is to cycling in the morning around our green, leafy neighbourhood. Irfan is a more experienced cyclist, and I’m keen on following him around so I can learn where the cycle paths are in my neighbourhood, and beyond. I’m really looking forward to building up my riding stamina so I can cycle for longer distances. My goal is to build up my stamina to a point where I can cycle to Balmoral beach, then go for a swim to cool off!

Here’s to 2013 – a year of more exercise and greater well-being! What are some of your goals?