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Letters to the Beloved ﷺ

And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds [Al-Anbiyaa’ 21:107]

Keen to explore a writing exercise that is also spiritually elevating? Please sign up for the wonderful annual opportunity – Letters to The Beloved ﷺ

I love how this competition is open even to children, up to age 8. That’s how we can grow a more resilient, more compassionate and more forgiving generation of Muslims. By tying their hearts to the Beloved.

This reminds me of the stories I tell my daughter about Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him). I hope to tie her heart to him, so that he will come alive to her, from this young, and for the rest of her life.


Spiritual Abuse workshop by Rabata

Register at before Dec 16th

I’m so thrilled to share this exciting workshop. It’s so timely, and so necessary. I absolutely love the majority of female scholars teaching this course ❤ Let’s empower ourselves and our communities with knowledge on how to spot spiritual predators, so we can protect ourselves and perhaps even stop them from causing so much harm. Click here for the registration link. 

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Mindfulness course for parents and kids

So I’m finally somewhat recovered from our annual visit to Sydney. It’s only 8.5 hours away by flight but man the adjustment home with jetlagged little ones is…..challenging. Mindfulness helps! Noticing those big feelings, making space for them, and eventually those feelings pass. Everything passes. Sleeping earlier helps too. Oh, and tea. Lots of tea. Where would I be without tea??? I LOVE TEA. Alhamdulilah.

Speaking of mindfulness, please attend and/or share the word about gloWithin‘s upcoming parent and children mindfulness workshop. It’s aimed for parents with kids aged 5-10. Teng Yan, my former colleague and friend, is a very gentle and peaceful mindfulness practitioner. Sometimes, just standing next to her feels calming. I attended one workshop while I was pregnant, and really benefited. I’ll have to wait another 1.5 years until my eldest is 5, then we can attend this together, inshaAllah.

If you’re an exhausted parent looking for better ways to connect with yourself and your child, please consider their Nov 17 & 18 workshop.  It’ll be an investment into your well-being, which will flow into your child(ren). If you’re keen but have financial constraints, please contact the compassionate gloWithin team anyway.

Here’s to peaceful parents, and happier kids ❤ Choose love and choose peace, especially when it’s hard.



Play Therapy!

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So, alhamdulilah, I ended up going to the weekend StoryPlay workshop! Haha. No takers for my tickets, which meant I was meant to go, after all. I am so glad! I learned SO much. We were swimming in metaphors the whole weekend, which made my heart smile ❤

Dr Joyce Mills is a warm, empathic and playful storyteller who was so happy to share her stories with us. And that’s exactly what she is – an incredible storyteller who loves children.

Dr Joyce spent a lot of time on the topic of self-care, which is so, so important for all caretakers. We can’t give from an empty cup. She asked us  – “How do you nourish yourself, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically?” Good question. If I’ve had regular breaks, I definitely feel a lot more compassionate, especially at the end of a looong day with small kids. Even 5 minutes in the garden, or sipping a warm cup of tea – this all helps.

I really appreciated her approach of staying in the playful, present moment with our children/clients/families. This isn’t to minimise trauma – because she is resiliency-focused, she encouraged us to ask, “We only have a bit of time together – what do you want?” Ah. So simple, and yet so freeing.

Some gems from Dr Joyce Mills:

  • “Scars are a marker of where I’ve been, not where I’m going.”
  • “What makes your heart smile?”
  • “The child has autism/any other diagnosis – it’s always the child first. He is not his diagnosis.”
  • “This is a strengths-based approach.”

I’d like the thank the wonderful HilsLearning team for organising such a wonderful and transformative event. I am especially grateful for the nursing room they provided. My baby and I had a happy lunch time reunion there ❤ Every little bit of support makes a huge difference.


Play Therapy spot in KL!

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Is anyone keen on attending a 2 day play therapy workshop this weekend, titled: “Improving Behaviour Through Expressive Methods with Dr. Joyce Mills”?

I bought earlybird tickets but am unable to go as my babies and I are unwell, and we are flying overseas next week, inshaAllah. Earlybird pricing for both days is 800 RM, and I can sell it for cheaper. If you are keen, please let me know ASAP so I can notify the organisers before their deadline of 12 pm tomorrow. Thanks in advance!

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Help fund my writing!

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Greetings of peace! I’m Raidah, and I write and draw comics. I also happen to be raising my two daughters. Because of these adorable little humans who run my life, I have stopped working outside my home. On good days, I love the flexibility of writing and sketching from the privacy of my room. On bad days, I miss interacting with emotionally regulated human beings. My husband, Irfan, helps as much as he can, but let’s be honest, he gets to leave the house every day. Enough said.

Your financial support will help me fund my creativity/sanity bucket. You will give me the gift of online shopping where I can binge on Book Depository, buy tasty treats to fund my endless breastfeeding hunger and fund my other kind of hunger – I am addicted to studying Udemy courses about writing, drawing, and everything else. You will also help me keep my webcomics free. My webcomics chronicle my motherhood adventures in Malaysia, as an introverted Australian-Malay artist and writer. With your support, I can branch into other themes. I am also slowly but surely completing several writing projects: fictional short stories, a creative non-fiction, poetry chapbook and a Young Adult novel. Irfan says I should stick to one. I agree. I wish my process would agree with him too. Ha.

My family thanks you, because a creatively-supported me is a much-less-cranky me 🙂 Please click on the top-right hand side of my blog. Thank you for funding my art!