Urban Hijau – an urban farm in KL! @urbanhijau

72349_512630248861988_4883065023526175846_nAre you looking for fresh, pesticide-free, homegrown local produce? Look no further than Urban Hijau! Yup, there is literally an urban farm in the middle of KL.

You can find eggplants, chillis, lady’s fingers (bendeh), king of bitters (ulam raja), snake gourd, and lots more. It’s so cool to be able to harvest these amazing veggies. Cook them fresh and taste the difference!

Please remember to wear a hat or bring an umbrella when you come and visit 🙂







Back to work!

Alhamdulilah, today was Day #1 of going back to the office for me. Hello Axiom Learning! It’s so good to be back. I’ve missed being in the office. Family-friendly offices are the best for working mamas. (Supportive managers and colleagues? Check. Private space to express milk? Check. Fridge to store milk? Check. Overall family-friendly vibe? CHECK!)

Of course, kudos goes to my amazing babysitting team ❤ It takes a village to raise a baby. Truly.

Although I’ve been working as an online counsellor for SeekersHub Global (another amazing team of people to work with!) since Taskeen was a few months old….it sure is nice to physically leave my home and interact with adults and children. AH, I LOVE BEING OUTSIDE. I also love being able to miss my baby. Nyaw.

Now. How to juggle everything. Duas, please!

What? It’s already April?

So yes, hello again! Alhamdulilah, we’ve survived Taskeen’s 9 month sleep regression, which started at 7 months. Apparently there’s a 12 month one too. *cry* And she has teeth now! So many more to go. Oh, this first year of parenthood is something else. But one look at her toothy smile and OH THE PAIN IS GONE. All the pain. #mumnesia

Malaysia is in the midst of a heatwave. Yes, this already hot climate is even hotter. Keep hydrated, mummies and bubs. Daddies too, so you can keep helping. Survive one day at a time.

Here’s a great article on postnatal depletion by Pinky McKay. If you or someone you love is looking after a baby, please read it and share. If you’re looking for a great naturopath, I recommend Julide Turker. She’s based in Melbourne, Australia. Her ethical, compassionate and empowering diet/lifestyle tips and supplements have made a world of a difference in my journey through recovering from birth and surviving motherhood.


Two Day Workshop on Marriage Success, Nov 20th-21st in Sydney!

In the spirit of promoting women’s wellbeing, here’s an eye-opening interview with Heba Shaheed, The Pelvic Expert. Heba shares the details on her upcoming marriage success workshop.

1) What is your workshop about?

I am co-facilitating a workshop with a life and relationship coach Dalya Ayoub. Sister Dalya will be covering topics such as:

  • The 5 foundations of a successful marriage
  • His real needs and her real needs
  • The ultimate formula for conflict management
  • Top 7 strategies for cultivating a deeper relationship
  • The 5 love languages

I will be delving more into the physical side of the marital relationship by talking about intimacy. I’ll cover the Islamic rulings of intimacy first and then I’ll go into the anatomy and physiology of intimacy and sexuality. I want women to be comfortable in their sexuality and to embrace it. I’ll talk about female arousal, libido, and desire.

The two main challenges women have regarding sex are inability to orgasm and painful sex. I’ll talk about the different types of orgasms and practical techniques on how to reach them, as well as practical ways to prevent or eliminate pain with sex.

I’ll cover the practical side of sex as well talking about different techniques. Intimacy isn’t all about penetrative sex. Couples can enjoy outercourse or other acts of intimacy such as sensual massage, mutual masturbation and for some, oral sex. These alternatives are especially helpful for women who struggle with pain or vaginismus. And I’ll also talk about how to engage in pleasurable foreplay.

I will cover different positions they can experiment with as well, especially for the ones who have pain with sex, how they can adjust to have pain-free sex. I’ll also discuss certain positions that will increase their ability to orgasm with their husband.
2) Why is it important for you to address these issues?
There’s lack of reliable information out there on intimacy in Islam. And because it’s such a taboo topic, nobody wants to talk about it. We know that failed marriages are on the rise and that a lot of the time the issue is either failures in communication or intimacy. We don’t really understand what our spouses need, and so many of us are only focused on how our own needs not being met. On the flipside, we have people who completely neglect their own needs because they spend so much time trying to meet others’ needs and then they wear themselves out.

As I mentioned earlier, so many women don’t understand their own bodies. And yet we live in these bodies and we neglect them so much. I want women to tap into their sexuality and also to maintain good health.
And then there is the Islamic side of things. Sex is an act of charity but it’s also something enjoyable. Did you know that the clitoris’ sole function is pleasure? We don’t have to be ashamed of this. And at the same time you are getting rewards for engaging in halal sex. We all know men need sex. But women do too, especially the intimacy of it! In pleasing our husbands we are also pleasing Allah, and ultimately your husband is one of your keys to Jannah. We should embrace that.

3) Will this be available online?

Unfortunately, it will not be available online at this point. However it will be possible in the future InshaAllah.
The course is a small group limited to 25 people in order to have have maximum engagement and learning.

4) Who would benefit most from it?
Every single woman will benefit, whether she is married, divorced, single, engaged, and regardless of age. Every one of us can improve our marriage, whether it’s suffering or blissful. Make the intention that going to this course is going to improve your relationship with your husband for the sake of Allah.

There is always something more you can learn and this course is all about making the knowledge practical. Women who have trouble reaching orgasm or who have pain with sex will also greatly benefit. Education is key for these women. But at the very least you will learn more about your body and become more comfortable in your sexuality. And you will have so many tools to build a successful marriage!

This is one course you cannot miss. And we guarantee that you will leave the course satisfied.

Good on you, Heba, for tackling such a sensitive and much-needed topic. Ladies, hurry and sign up while there’s still space! Heba and Dalya, come on down to KL and hold it here ❤