Play Therapy!

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So, alhamdulilah, I ended up going to the weekend StoryPlay workshop! Haha. No takers for my tickets, which meant I was meant to go, after all. I am so glad! I learned SO much. We were swimming in metaphors the whole weekend, which made my heart smile ❤

Dr Joyce Mills is a warm, empathic and playful storyteller who was so happy to share her stories with us. And that’s exactly what she is – an incredible storyteller who loves children.

Dr Joyce spent a lot of time on the topic of self-care, which is so, so important for all caretakers. We can’t give from an empty cup. She asked us  – “How do you nourish yourself, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically?” Good question. If I’ve had regular breaks, I definitely feel a lot more compassionate, especially at the end of a looong day with small kids. Even 5 minutes in the garden, or sipping a warm cup of tea – this all helps.

I really appreciated her approach of staying in the playful, present moment with our children/clients/families. This isn’t to minimise trauma – because she is resiliency-focused, she encouraged us to ask, “We only have a bit of time together – what do you want?” Ah. So simple, and yet so freeing.

Some gems from Dr Joyce Mills:

  • “Scars are a marker of where I’ve been, not where I’m going.”
  • “What makes your heart smile?”
  • “The child has autism/any other diagnosis – it’s always the child first. He is not his diagnosis.”
  • “This is a strengths-based approach.”

I’d like the thank the wonderful HilsLearning team for organising such a wonderful and transformative event. I am especially grateful for the nursing room they provided. My baby and I had a happy lunch time reunion there ❤ Every little bit of support makes a huge difference.

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Back to work!

Alhamdulilah, today was Day #1 of going back to the office for me. Hello Axiom Learning! It’s so good to be back. I’ve missed being in the office. Family-friendly offices are the best for working mamas. (Supportive managers and colleagues? Check. Private space to express milk? Check. Fridge to store milk? Check. Overall family-friendly vibe? CHECK!)

Of course, kudos goes to my amazing babysitting team ❤ It takes a village to raise a baby. Truly.

Although I’ve been working as an online counsellor for SeekersHub Global (another amazing team of people to work with!) since Taskeen was a few months old….it sure is nice to physically leave my home and interact with adults and children. AH, I LOVE BEING OUTSIDE. I also love being able to miss my baby. Nyaw.

Now. How to juggle everything. Duas, please!