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It’s a girl!


Alhamdulilah, I gave birth to my second baby girl, Husna Aminah Binti Mohamed Irfan at 12:56 am, Friday, 12th January 2018. She was 40 weeks and 10 days, a solid 3.53 kg, and 52 cm long ❤

For any mamas looking for a gentle birth-supportive hospital, I highly recommend Dr Bheena and her Columbia Asia PJ team of nurses and midwives. Dr Bheena was hands-off and supportive enough to respect my birth plan, trust my birthing instincts, leaving me and my amazing Pak Bidan/birth coach husband, Irfan, to birth my baby.

I really recommend Hafsa Hasan’s wonderful holistic care for any fear release exercises and homeopathic support. After weeks of having my baby’s head being engaged and in position, all it took was one session with Hafsa on Tuesday, and I gave birth to Husna early on Friday morning. Woo! She does Skype consultations for anyone outside KL.

Husna is almost one month old, and I’m trying to nap when I can during the day. I’m so grateful for the support of my mum and mum-in-law – they help keep my 2.5 year old daughter entertained so I can rest.

It’s still early days in this precious and exhausting fourth trimester, and after putting my feet up, getting my painful and healing postnatal massages, heat pack treatment, herbal washes, belly-binding etc I’m starting to feel a lot better.





Sigh. Work in progress, work in progress. Learning to juggle life with a newborn and a toddler is truly a laboratory of patience-making. I guess the difference this time is that I know the painful stages will end…only to be replaced by something else lolol.  And then my toddler and newborn smile at me and I’m mush again. Haha. I live for them squishy smiles. Ahh smelling my newborn’s head makes all that sleep deprivation worth it.

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Down There

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A snapshot of my day: I’m typing this with one hand, my baby girl is nursing, falling asleep as she lies curled up on her nursing pillow (the hilariously named My Brest Friend), and I’ve finally replied to the thoughtful birthday greetings on my FB wall. I’m over two weeks late, but hey, at least it’s still October. Plus, it’s 9 am, I’ve brushed my teeth and had breakfast. Score!

In between coping with sleep deprivation and the potent cocktail of first-time mummy hormones, I’ve been doing a lot of postnatal healing work. At some point, I hope to write articles or even a book on this, but at this stage, this blog post is all I can manage.

To anyone who’s given birth, I strongly recommend that you purchase Katy Bowman’s DVD, “Down There“.This DVD was a thoughtful gift from my sister, Aisyah ❤  Katy demonstrates a series of exercises to help you reconnect to your pelvic floor and strengthen the surrounding muscles. Actually, these exercises are fantastic for any woman struggling with pelvic floor issues – childbirth isn’t always the main cause of a weakened pelvic floor, but it definitely exacerbates existing vulnerabilities.

So if you know any first-time mums or anyone expecting, think of purchasing this DVD to help mummy along her healing journey. If you’re living in Sydney and looking for a lady physio who specialises in pelvic floor health, look up the wonderful Heba Shaheed.

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Looking for a fantastic Pilates studio in the Mont Kiara area? Please drop by Zenith Pilates ! I’ve been attending postnatal classes with Dehressa, who is my instructor, buddy and comedienne, rolled into one.  She’s the kind of instructor who can make you laugh while engaging muscles you didn’t even know existed.

Dehressa has walked me through private and group Pilates classes during my pregnancy, and now is helping me reconnect with my post-birthing body.The difference between pregnancy Pilates and postnatal is remarkable…it’s so much harder now lol. Maybe because I’m constantly sleep deprived :p I nearly fell asleep during some of the stretches during one class, but after a few days of having chicken and mutton stew, I’m feeling much stronger.

I barely had any back pain during my pregnancy, alhamdulilah, and I owe a lot of that to my daily walking and weekly Pilates sessions. Sitting on a gym ball and doing regular pelvic tilts and figure 8’s also helped. The consequence of an open pelvis? An easy birth!

Sound good? Check out Zenith Pilates‘ FB page 🙂