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Pilates, pregnancy and postnatal recovery

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Looking for a fantastic Pilates studio in the Mont Kiara area? Please drop by Zenith Pilates ! I’ve been attending postnatal classes with Dehressa, who is my instructor, buddy and comedienne, rolled into one.  She’s the kind of instructor who can make you laugh while engaging muscles you didn’t even know existed.

Dehressa has walked me through private and group Pilates classes during my pregnancy, and now is helping me reconnect with my post-birthing body.The difference between pregnancy Pilates and postnatal is remarkable…it’s so much harder now lol. Maybe because I’m constantly sleep deprived :p I nearly fell asleep during some of the stretches during one class, but after a few days of having chicken and mutton stew, I’m feeling much stronger.

I barely had any back pain during my pregnancy, alhamdulilah, and I owe a lot of that to my daily walking and weekly Pilates sessions. Sitting on a gym ball and doing regular pelvic tilts and figure 8’s also helped. The consequence of an open pelvis? An easy birth!

Sound good? Check out Zenith Pilates‘ FB page 🙂

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