Down There

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A snapshot of my day: I’m typing this with one hand, my baby girl is nursing, falling asleep as she lies curled up on her nursing pillow (the hilariously named My Brest Friend), and I’ve finally replied to the thoughtful birthday greetings on my FB wall. I’m over two weeks late, but hey, at least it’s still October. Plus, it’s 9 am, I’ve brushed my teeth and had breakfast. Score!

In between coping with sleep deprivation and the potent cocktail of first-time mummy hormones, I’ve been doing a lot of postnatal healing work. At some point, I hope to write articles or even a book on this, but at this stage, this blog post is all I can manage.

To anyone who’s given birth, I strongly recommend that you purchase Katy Bowman’s DVD, “Down There“.This DVD was a thoughtful gift from my sister, Aisyah ❤  Katy demonstrates a series of exercises to help you reconnect to your pelvic floor and strengthen the surrounding muscles. Actually, these exercises are fantastic for any woman struggling with pelvic floor issues – childbirth isn’t always the main cause of a weakened pelvic floor, but it definitely exacerbates existing vulnerabilities.

So if you know any first-time mums or anyone expecting, think of purchasing this DVD to help mummy along her healing journey. If you’re living in Sydney and looking for a lady physio who specialises in pelvic floor health, look up the wonderful Heba Shaheed.

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