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Pilates, pregnancy and postnatal recovery

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Looking for a fantastic Pilates studio in the Mont Kiara area? Please drop by Zenith Pilates ! I’ve been attending postnatal classes with Dehressa, who is my instructor, buddy and comedienne, rolled into one.  She’s the kind of instructor who can make you laugh while engaging muscles you didn’t even know existed.

Dehressa has walked me through private and group Pilates classes during my pregnancy, and now is helping me reconnect with my post-birthing body.The difference between pregnancy Pilates and postnatal is remarkable…it’s so much harder now lol. Maybe because I’m constantly sleep deprived :p I nearly fell asleep during some of the stretches during one class, but after a few days of having chicken and mutton stew, I’m feeling much stronger.

I barely had any back pain during my pregnancy, alhamdulilah, and I owe a lot of that to my daily walking and weekly Pilates sessions. Sitting on a gym ball and doing regular pelvic tilts and figure 8’s also helped. The consequence of an open pelvis? An easy birth!

Sound good? Check out Zenith Pilates‘ FB page 🙂

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Daily Life article on my baby’s unassisted homebirth

Yup, I gave birth at home, and you can click here to read all about it. 

My deepest thanks goes to Nadine Ghows for her life-changing Hypnobirthing course, and to Hayati Muzzafar for being our homebirthing doula! You ladies are an inspiration, and such gentle warriors on behalf of birthing women. We are so blessed to have met you both.

InshaAllah, gentle birth practices at home/hospital/birthing centres will become more of a norm in Malaysia and elsewhere around the world.  


Don’t Just Sit There!

I’m thrilled to share Katy Bowman and Mark Sisson’s revolutionary program, Don’t Just Sit There! If you’re like most denizens of today’s modern world – GET IT. The early bird special runs out soon! If you suffer from back pain, stiff shoulders, or just feel run down from your desk job, then this program is for you.

I’m a huge fan of Katy Bowman’s work on the biomechanics of the human body, and I’m so excited to see how I can apply her principles to improve my daily posture, efficiency and overall health.

As a breastfeeding first-time mum, there happens to be a lot of sitting in my 24-hour job, and when my baby’s naps – if I’m not knocked out from exhaustion – I try to write. Yup, even more sitting.

I mean, even with the Malaysian ringgit being at a historical low, 27 US dollars for this program is a worthwhile investment. What are you waiting for? Go get it, and let me know how you find it 🙂

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Rumi’s Mindfulness Course – coming up in KL!

rumimindfulnesscourseRumi and mindfulness – two of my favourite things. Combined? I can’t wait to find out! I’ll be attending the Wednesday morning classes, starting on 28th January 2015, inshaAllah.

Please scroll down to read the course outline, as described by the wonderful and serene Hafsa Hasan, holistic therapist.


‘Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.’

(RM450 for the whole course)

Morning Class, Wednesdays 10am,
starting 28th January 2015

Evening Class, Thursdays 8pm,
starting 29th January 2015

Teenagers class, Sunday 5pm,
starting 25th January 2015

NEXT INTAKE will start 20th April

All classes take place at Caterpillar Studio , Sri Hartamas KL

Students will have a chance to attend a Mindfulness Jungle Retreat after completing the course!

In Rumi’s Mindfulness Courses I will also share with you the power of Metaphor, and Spontaneous Healing Movement, both of which were a big part of Rumi’s beautiful tradition.

Peace x

Click here to register 🙂

To learn more about Hafsa’s work, click here.

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Say No To GMO! @FabulousSISTERS

Say No to GMO!To those of you interested in learning more about the harms of genetically-modified food, check out my October SISTERS article:

Say No To GMO

Intrigued? I recommend watching the Seeds of Death documentary, which I wrote about in this blog post for Cultivate Central. What we eat impacts so deeply on our health and our children’s. Knowledge is power!

Buy your very own copy of this amazing magazine from the SISTERS website 🙂


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Recipe For Grounding, a poem by Caits Meissner


Please hop on over to The Elephant Journal for this beautiful, beautiful poem by my poetic mentor, Caits Meissner: Recipe For Grounding. Read it out loud, whisper it to yourself, feel the words resonate through your soul.

May this poem inspire you to stand tall, grow roots, and simply be.

(If you haven’t already, I encourage you to be a reading member of The Elephant Journal for only $13 per year. Support this gorgeous independent press and its writers!)

I took this picture at The University of Life, at Janda Baik. It’s truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stepped into.

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Raw milk, by Bright Cow

bright cow logoOne of the best things about living in Malaysia is our access to delicious, creamy and nutritious RAW MILK!

That’s right folks, unpasteurized and unhomogenised milk is delivered to my doorstep twice a week at the amazing price of 8 ringgit per bottle (1 litre). It is literally the best milk I’ve tasted.

If you’d like to learn more about it, you can hop on over to their website.

Also, Poskod MY ran a lovely article on Bright Cow.

For those curious about the health benefits of raw milk, click here.

Drink some Bright Cow milk and notice the difference!