Author headshots are up

It’s taken me a decade, but hurray alhamdulilah my updated author headshots are up (scroll down)!

THANK YOU AZALIA for being such a warm, funny and supportive portrait photographer. I 100% recommend hiring Azalia to do your author photoshoots if you’re in PJ/KL. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter. I love taking photographs but feel incredibly awkward when I get my photos taken – kind of like a flailing octopus (my hands! where do I look? is my hijab on right?). Fortunately, Azalia was an expert at putting me at ease, and took such wonderful photos of me. Marookha is a gorgeous Gentlewoman’s Club in TTDI. Thank you Zara for giving me the perfect backdrop.

And now. Back to writing!

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Recipe For Grounding, a poem by Caits Meissner


Please hop on over to The Elephant Journal for this beautiful, beautiful poem by my poetic mentor, Caits Meissner: Recipe For Grounding. Read it out loud, whisper it to yourself, feel the words resonate through your soul.

May this poem inspire you to stand tall, grow roots, and simply be.

(If you haven’t already, I encourage you to be a reading member of The Elephant Journal for only $13 per year. Support this gorgeous independent press and its writers!)

I took this picture at The University of Life, at Janda Baik. It’s truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stepped into.

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National Geographic photo contest open for 4 more days!

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Calling all photography enthusiasts! National Geographic’s photo contest is open up til June 30. Entry fee is US $15. Official categories include Travel Portraits; Sense of Place; Outdoor Scenes and Spontaneous Moments.

As much as I am a lover of words, beautiful images sink right into the soul – no words needed.

I have many fond memories of flipping through National Geographic magazines as a child.  My father would bring them home and I’d devour them, marvelling at the stunning photographs from all over the world. I was intrigued by places very foreign to me, like the Arctic, or the dense jungles of the Amazon. Imagine the life of a National Geographic photojournalist! Lots of travel, adventure, and jumping timezones. A girl can dream 🙂

Click on this Atlantic article for a breathtaking glimpse at some of this year’s entries. Gorgeous!