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National Geographic photo contest open for 4 more days!

Image source:
Image source:

Calling all photography enthusiasts! National Geographic’s photo contest is open up til June 30. Entry fee is US $15. Official categories include Travel Portraits; Sense of Place; Outdoor Scenes and Spontaneous Moments.

As much as I am a lover of words, beautiful images sink right into the soul – no words needed.

I have many fond memories of flipping through National Geographic magazines as a child.  My father would bring them home and I’d devour them, marvelling at the stunning photographs from all over the world. I was intrigued by places very foreign to me, like the Arctic, or the dense jungles of the Amazon. Imagine the life of a National Geographic photojournalist! Lots of travel, adventure, and jumping timezones. A girl can dream 🙂

Click on this Atlantic article for a breathtaking glimpse at some of this year’s entries. Gorgeous!

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