Editorial services open!

I’m excited to share that I’m ready to take on new manuscripts! I would love to support you on your querying journey, especially if you’re a marginalised author.

Click here for my editorial rates, and click here to contact me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. My slots close on August 31st.

August 1-2 #DVPIT has come and gone. If you participated, I hope you had a great time. I remember the thrill of getting agent and editor likes back in 2020! Interestingly, none of my #DVPIT likes led to my offer of representation. I had lots of agent interest, partial requests that turned to full requests but my one incredible agent offer was via regular cold querying. Even though querying is harder than ever, please trust that it’s not a reflection on the worth of your book, or your ability as a writer.

If you didn’t get any agent likes (or less than everyone else) – don’t fret! It’s not easy summarising an entire book into a tweet. Keep writing! Also, take breaks. Breaks are important too.

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Stay tuned for more…

I’m SO excited to announce that I’ll be opening my editorial, counseling and sensitivity reader services in July, inshaAllah! Slots are very limited so please get your name down on my waitlist by clicking here.

My sensitivity reader review from Hana Lee (Hi Hana!):

I had a fantastic experience with Raidah’s sensitivity reader services! She read the manuscript (twice!) within my requested reading period, made notes as she went along, and sent me a full write-up when she was finished. I really appreciate that she not only called out the terms I was using that carried significance I wasn’t aware of, but also offered suggestions for replacing them. She also commented on examples of representation she felt were done well. While it’s important as a writer to know where you can do better, it’s also helpful to know what you’re doing right! I would definitely recommend Raidah’s services to anyone looking for a skilled and thoughtful Muslim sensitivity reader.