Muslim ADHD summit and more

Soooo it’s been a while. Lots has happened.

1) I’ve completed my first month working at Basira Education and am so thrilled to be part of the wonderful team. If you haven’t already, check out their fantastic Why Islam is True course. Teacher training certification starts on November 13 so there’s still time to register.

2) Now that I’m on the mend from my much-needed pelvic embolisation surgery, I’ve gotten back on track with my postpartum exercise routine! Mutu Mamas has been my online exercise companion since the birth of my first child. It’s such a relief being able to exercise again without pelvic pain.

3) It’s Nanowrimo! Are you writing? Editing? Surviving? It’s all valid. I’m working on some non-fiction work right now and once that’s done, I can dive back into edits for my adult romcom.

4) I recently signed up for the VIP pass for this wonderful Muslim ADHD summit. This is the first of its kind and I’m so thrilled. I cannot wait to dive into the recordings once the captions and transcripts are up, yay.

5) If you’re looking for top-notch, high quality honey please look no further than Dino Kelulut. This sweet-sour honey is the perfect way to start my morning and end my day. I mix mine with room temperature water. My kids love it mixed with Greek yoghurt. Don’t mix it with anything warm/hot though!

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