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Grow your own veggies workshop at @urbanhijau this Saturday!

In less than a week, Irfan will be running a workshop at Urban Hijau! He has a talent for breaking down permaculture topics into easily digestible nuggets e.g. “Grow what grows!”

If you’re interested in growing your own fruits/veggies/simple herbs, and wondering how to make your own compost, then this workshop is for you. Please spread the word, and sign up before all participant spots are filled up!

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Please support Funds2Farm @urbanhijau kickstarter!


Happy Earth Day!

Please help Urban Hijau keep thriving by supporting their kickstarter campaign. We need YOU!

The Funds2Farm kickstarter aims to raise RM50,000 for:

  • a new solar power system
  • a new drip irrigation system
  • a new gazebo to shelter workers, volunteers and visitors
  • new child-friendly facilities (yay)

Share, share, share!


Urban Hijau – an urban farm in KL! @urbanhijau

72349_512630248861988_4883065023526175846_nAre you looking for fresh, pesticide-free, homegrown local produce? Look no further than Urban Hijau! Yup, there is literally an urban farm in the middle of KL.

You can find eggplants, chillis, lady’s fingers (bendeh), king of bitters (ulam raja), snake gourd, and lots more. It’s so cool to be able to harvest these amazing veggies. Cook them fresh and taste the difference!

Please remember to wear a hat or bring an umbrella when you come and visit 🙂







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Stop the EKVE highway cutting through Selangor State Park

vVxxPvBOKGMWCxy-556x313-noPadMalaysia needs your help! So much greenery is being cut down to make way for ‘progress’. Rapid deforestation will mean longer droughts, stricter water rationing, and even more polluted air.

Please help the people of Malaysia by signing the following petition about the proposed EKVE highway. Share this with your friends and family. Save our rainforests! The deadline is Monday – tomorrow.

Stop the EKVE from Cutting through the Selangor State Park : Selangor’s Water Tower

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Cultivate In the City: Soil Health Part 1/5 – my latest article on Cultivate Central

herb spiral

Check out my latest article on Cultivate Central! It’s an introduction to what we learned with Dr Sultan Ismail, an international guest speaker and soil biologist from Chennai, India. He shared so much with us, and I’m working on creating a series of articles based on his gems of wisdom.

Back to my own garden – I’ll be writing more about my newbie composting experience on Cultivate Central. There is something so satisfying about creating rich topsoil out of grass clippings, brown plant matter and the magic catalysts (coffee grounds and chicken manure). Even if you don’t have a garden, you can compost on your balcony.

We found EARTHWORMS in our second finished compost pile! I saw one big, fat, juicy one, and a few smaller ones, all of which help increase soil health. Mmm, earthworms.

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My Cultivate Central Article: Permaculture and Petai

IMAG0611After my whirlwind Sydney book launch, I’m settling back into KL, Malaysia. After living in Malaysia for 5 months, I’ve become much more accustomed to the heat, so no visiting Sydney during the winter months. I’ll turn into a popsicle 😛 I know, I know, Sydney winters aren’t that cold! But compare the cold to KL weather…

Speaking of weather, I’d like to share my very first post on the awesome Cultivate Central website – Permaculture and Petai. I wrote this in early February, right after completing the life-changing PDC (Permaculture Design Certification), organised by the Murujan crew, and held at Bamboo Village.

Kudos to the awesome Nova Nelson, founder of Cultivate Central, for being an inspirational urban gardener. She can actually compost in the balcony of her apartment in Singapore! Respect.

My husband and I have 3 compost piles in our front yard, two of which were ‘accidental’ because the grass cuttings and/or leaves started composting on their own. Amazing! Now our job is to turn the compost piles regularly (every 4 days) and water them. At some point, we need to combine them into a bigger heap, because we need more mass to keep the composting going.

Compost = rich organic matter = win!