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Cultivate In the City: Soil Health Part 1/5 – my latest article on Cultivate Central

herb spiral

Check out my latest article on Cultivate Central! It’s an introduction to what we learned with Dr Sultan Ismail, an international guest speaker and soil biologist from Chennai, India. He shared so much with us, and I’m working on creating a series of articles based on his gems of wisdom.

Back to my own garden – I’ll be writing more about my newbie composting experience on Cultivate Central. There is something so satisfying about creating rich topsoil out of grass clippings, brown plant matter and the magic catalysts (coffee grounds and chicken manure). Even if you don’t have a garden, you can compost on your balcony.

We found EARTHWORMS in our second finished compost pile! I saw one big, fat, juicy one, and a few smaller ones, all of which help increase soil health. Mmm, earthworms.

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