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Water cut in KL

kampungUnbelievably, while living in tropical Malaysia, I’ve found myself in the middle of a water cut.

There was barely enough water from the tap for me to make wudu. And we actually have a water storage tank! I thought my water-rationing Jordan days were over.

SubhanAllah. Having uninterrupted tap water is a blessing that is so easily taken for granted, especially in countries that ordinarily have a lot of rainfall.

This news article explains the reason for the water cut, which started yesterday morning. Alas, one of the MRT construction works accidentally burst a water main. This translates to no municipal water for folks like me – 1 million residents, in total. Meanwhile, there are also water cuts in Hulu Langat because of ammonia contamination in Langat River.

Please pray for us and for others in countries with little or no access to clean water. With all this lack of rain, think of ways to harvest rainwater for yourself and your families.

Based on the weather forecast for KL, from the Malaysian Meteorological Department website, it looks like there’ll be rain on Wednesday and Thursday. InshaAllah, Ya Rabb!


Permaculture Design Course at Bamboo Village, Hulu Langat, Malaysia

My husband and I have been attending a Permaculture Design Certification course at the serene Bamboo Village. Viewing the world through the eyes of permaculture design has been life-changing.

I have a whole new appreciation for trees, plants, soil – it’s like for the first time in 30 years, I’m starting to read the patterns in nature, and I am gobsmacked.  There is so much life teeming within plants and beneath the soil, and their degradation directly impacts on food production, economic unrest and the collapse of past civilisations. I’m only just beginning to make the connections.

In the past week, I’ve met so many incredible, hilarious and inspiring people, ranging from our instructor, Rhamis Kent, to Aunty Aini, a gardening genius and a microbiologist.

Here are some pictures of where we’ve been staying:

























Stay tuned for future more information! Check out the Permaculture Research Institute’s website for more information about all things permaculture. Excellent documentaries to watch include: “The Lessons of the Loess Plateau”, “Hope in a Changing Climate” and “Green Gold”.

Thank you, Murujan, for organising such a fantastic PDC.