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Facebook kills romance


Ha, bet that title got your attention 🙂

I read a cool Huffington Post article Facebook Valentines: Study Finds Oversharing On Personal Life Hurts Romantic Relationships. This is a particularly telling paragraph:

One of the problems with your significant other opening up on Facebook is that “you feel less special and unique,” Kansas doctoral student in psychology Juwon Lee concluded. Many times you feel they’re trusting you with intimate information, but then you see them sharing their feelings with everyone, Lee said.

The study goes on to describe the relationship between disclosure and feelings of intimacy – namely, the more you disclose about your romantic relationship, the less intimacy you actually feel with your partner.  This might seem paradoxical in an age of constant FB status updates –  OMG I want to SHARE everything with EVERYONE – but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Think of all those quiet moments of intimacy which you share with the person you love – that’s special. Flailing it about on Facebook takes away that magic only the two of you can share.

Food for thought, as the world braces for another Valentine’s Day onslaught.

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