Rain, floods and natural disasters


My husband and I have been watching the news and we were really shocked to see how a few days of heavy rain in Sydney meant flooding in Queensland, and in another news segment, there were really bad bush fires elsewhere in Australia! I pray that everyone in these affected areas stays safe, heeds the emergency warnings, and that relief for them comes soon.

We had our own brush with flooding a few days ago. My husband travels to different work sites as part of his job as an acoustics engineer. A few days ago, I followed him as he drove to the Hunter Valley to do some measurements – our plan was to stay overnight, and for him to continue working the following day at a nearby town. A phone call from one of his clients derailed our plans – a river in that town had burst its banks, and the roads were closed. So we ended up driving back after he completed his first job near the Hunter Valley.

This goes to show that work plans really take a back seat when natural disasters take centre stage :p The rain is continuing to pour in Sydney. Here’s hoping the floods will abate in Queensland, and that people will stay safe and resume their normal lives soon.

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