My latest SBS article is up!

I loved seeing the Asian diaspora in a Marvel film

This was such a fun and validating piece to write. Thank you to the wonderful SBS team and the commissioning editor, Candice Chung, for giving my piece a home.

It’s cold/flu season here in rainy Malaysia so that means running after my three little kids as they get better, then get sick again, then get better….I am hoping and praying for full recovery soon :p Part and parcel of strengthening their immune systems! *cry*

If you’re anything like me and enjoy light-hearted gangster movies with strong female leads (I am literally writing a book with celebrities and gangsters), I strongly recommend Netflix’s Triad Princess. It’s so funny!

I forgot to link to my earlier SBS piece: Finding peace when you are irritated by most sounds. Haha this one’s for you, Mak!

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