Food review: Kelava!

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If you’re looking for locally-made, vegan ice cream that actually tastes HEAVENLY – look no further than Kelava. Their freshly churned ice-cream is incredibly tasty and full of coconuty (is that a word?) goodness. So. Delicious. Plus, they deliver it straight to your doorstep if you’re in the Klang Valley, which is wonderful for mums with small kids looking for a healthier stress fix. Ahem. Yes.

Here are my ratings of what I’ve tasted so far:

Vanilla – 6/5 (SO DELISH.)

Chocolate – 6/5 (This is the fancy chocolate flavour, not the cheapo ones that leave that bad aftertaste.)

Strawberry – 4/5 (A nice mix of sweet and sour…but I’m not a big strawberry flavour fan to begin with.)

Coconut Latte – 5/5  (Super yum! Not the sweet kind.)

Salted Gula Melaka – 6/5 (Ah, always a hit for me.)

Onde Onde – 6/5 (So. Good. Kind of reminded me of cendol.)



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