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Strange Horizons article – Don’t just write one story

indexEid Mubarak to one and all!

Over the weekend, I’ve realised that there are some AMAZING science-fiction and fantasy magazines out there. Here’s a Top Ten Science Fiction Magazines list to point you to the right direction. With my recent focus on writing non-fiction pieces, I’ve forgotten how fun it is to be immersed in the world of sci-fi/fantasy, and how enjoyable it is to write in that genre.

I’ve been enjoying the stories on Clarkesworld Magazine as well as Daily Science Fiction. Personally, I’m a fan of flash fiction (1000 words), but I’m also liking the longer pieces. I really liked this flash fiction piece – Zombie Widows.

On the topic of writing for these SF mags, I read a funny and encouraging piece on Strange Horizons by Jed Hartman –  Don’t just write one story. Check it out! His article encourages writers to keep writing and submitting to different magazines to increase the likelihood of publication. Sounds pretty obvious, right? In a sense, it is (teachers teach, writers write), but it’s easy to get bogged down while waiting for a response from one particular SF mag.  Response times may vary from a few weeks at the very earliest to a few months. Plus, knowing that you’ve got several other stories sent out to different mags makes rejection a lot easier to handle. Don’t give up!

I need to make a spreadsheet of the different stories and articles I’ve sent out, and the estimated times the various editors will take to get back to me….



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