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Rants and male-bashing? SeekersHub Sydney says no!

969371_589803064377179_1145926861_nThere’s only a few more days to Saturday night’s event! In the spirit of encouraging more audience attendance and participation, I’d like to reassure everyone that our marriage event will not be:

1) A rant

2) Man-bashing session

3) A secret conspiracy to marry everyone off in the room (although if you do find The One there, good for you!)

What it will be, inshaAllah, is a vibrant discussion about some real issues faced by Muslims in the Sydney community. From my experience, most Muslims out there do want to settle down at some point in their lives. Everyone has different challenges in their journey towards finding their spouse – the single Muslim in his/her thirties or forties, the single parent, or the divorcee, just to name a few. We hope to bring these issues out into the open, hear what our panelists have to say, and open the floor to hear what YOU have to say.

Stay tuned for a preview of some of the questions I’ll ask the panelists on Saturday night.

Remember to register for the event by clicking here. See you there!

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