“I am Adam Lanza’s Mother”


I read this powerful article by Liza Long, titled I am Adam Lanza’s mother. With a title like that, I just had to read it. Please, read it it too.

Lisa writes about what it’s like being a mother to a 13 year old son who is prone to acts of violence. She writes with raw honesty, and it hurts to imagine how difficult it must be for her and others in her situation. Dealing with threats of violence is a heavy burden, especially when it’s your own flesh and blood.

I am sharing this story because I am Adam Lanza’s mother. I am Dylan Klebold’s and Eric Harris’s mother. I am James Holmes’s mother. I am Jared Loughner’s mother. I am Seung-Hui Cho’s mother. And these boys—and their mothers—need help. In the wake of another horrific national tragedy, it’s easy to talk about guns. But it’s time to talk about mental illness.

And she’s absolutely right. Yes, talking (and actually doing something) about gun control is absolutely critical….but it’s not enough. Why is this pattern of American shooting rampages continuing to repeat itself? What’s driving these gunmen? I’m pretty sure the easy access to guns exacerbates the situation, but I’m yet to hear an honest conversation in the media about what’s driving these gunmen to kill so many people, including themselves. The worst part of this is unfortunately, it’s only going to be a matter of time until the next shooting happens.

School shootings and psychiatric drugs offers a different perspective. Keep an open mind…you’ll be surprised what you might learn.

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