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How exciting! I just emailed my essay proposal to John Marnell from Overland journal. A good friend of mine posted the Overland call for Muslim Essayists onmy FB wall on Friday, and I’ve put something together over the past few days. Big thanks to my husband, family and Lisa for proof-reading my essay proposal. I haven’t written an essay proposal or anything vaguely resembling an essay since my university days, so writing for Overland was a fantastic exercise in reawakening dormant brain cells lol. I think it’s awesome to see Overland encouraging Muslim essayists to write. Everyone else loves talking about Muslims, and a lot of it is inaccurate, to say the least. If we don’t do the talking ourselves, who will?

2 thoughts on “Overland journal”

  1. I haven’t written an essay in age! It’s great that this journal is looking for Muslim voices. Like you said, so much of what is being said about Muslims are not coming from Muslims themselves. Tawfiq with the essay proposal. Keep me updated 🙂

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