History, Marketing

Muslim Spain!

One of the best ways I procrastinate is by delving into my deep love of history. Yes, sadly, I haven’t been writing! Inconceivable! Ah, time organisation is critical when one has a job, studies, family, friends, pets…time to slowly brush the dust off my writing and get back to a daily routine.

I’m currently watching The Rise and Fall of Muslim Spain with the avidness that only a fangirl can muster. Fascinating, absolutely fascinating. The story of Muslim Spain is exhilarating and of course, heart-breaking, because the inevitable fall of Muslim Spain is a sad story 😦 To think that once, Muslims, Jews and Christians thrived under Muslim rule. With the backdrop of the 21st century, that notion can be inconceivable.

Only a writerly note, I’ve gotten my professional author photo shots done! Now I need to decide which one to pick for my Amazon author page. lol. Decisions, decisions!


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