My Articles

Daily Life

The Value Of The Asian Tradition of Postpartum Lie-Ins

How I Came To Have An Unassisted Home Birth

Being a Muslim single mum

Are You ‘Too Sensitive’?

What It’s Really Like To Wear Hijab


The Feminist Wire

What’s Love Got To Do With It?


Skyrim Is Better When It’s A Family Affair

Lip Mag

Mountains, Moonsets and Migrating Camels

Suicide And The Hollywood Machine: Why Do So Many Actors Take Their Own Lives?

Firstborn Syndrome: What Does Your Birth Order Say About You?

Perfection Is No Panacea

HSC: The Not-So-Final Frontier

From Lakemba To Lane Cove


Are You Married Yet?

An Ode To My Sisters

Much Ado About Niqab

Sisters, Marry Down!

Let’s Talk About Sex – Or Can’t We?

My Interviews

My Interview with Muslimah Montage

My Radio Interview on Marriage with Y Factor

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